Cropping Or Gathering

  1. You have to harvest or gather the leaves after two months of seeding or one month of transplantation.
  2. You have to cut the leaves down to the base, that is, inside 1 to 2 inches of the soil while cropping.
  3. While first time, you have to harvest three to four times. And during the following years, harvesting should be done monthly and frequently.
  4. The flowers of this plant are eatable and non-poisonous. The flowers will begin to flourish in the month of May and June. You can use the flowers for cooking purposes as well, rather wasting them.
  5. Fresh leaves should be used rather using the ones that are dried. For keeping the freshness of the leaves, you have to put them in a bag where air cannot circulate or come in.
  6. These leaves should be stored or placed in a cool place.